2016 Media Film Festival Jury Awards and Audience Awards

2016 Jury Awards

Jury Award winners for the 2016 Media Film Festival were announced Saturday night, April 2nd at the close of the festival.  Films are judged by a jury for each genre.

  • Best Drama: The Dolphin Skin City
  • Best Comedy: Donald’s Mom
  • Best Documentary: One is No One
  • Best Animation: The Song of Wandering Aengus
  • Best Horror Film: Chateau Sauvignon: terroir
  • Best Local Film: Sara and Dennis
  • Golden Trolley Award for outstanding achievement: Monkeys

2016 Audience Awards 

The Media Film Festival is pleased to announce the 2016 Audience Awards. These awards are voted on by the audience after each screening.

Friday Evening Awards
1st (tie): “Oh Crappy Day” & “Welcome Home
2nd (tie): “Disco Zal” and “Put Down
3rd “Animation Hotline

Late Night Horror Awards
1st: “How Olin Lost HIs Eye
2nd: “The Hitch Hiker
3rd: “Chateau Sauvignon; Terroir

Saturday Matinee Awards
1st: “I’ve Just Had a Dream
2nd: “Got This
3rd: “Hopscotch

Saturday Evening Awards
1st: “Oh, Lucy
2nd: “One is No One
3rd (tie): “Monkeys” & “Baits and Hooks

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